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I found some of the items below on the web, not all astrology or tarot related, but I hope you like them.

Full Moons of 2020

A Full Moon calendar for 2020.

My favourite Full Moon photo.

A photo of the Full Moon.
Below is a poem by (yours truly) me.

My Supermoon.

Looking out of my window, I am mesmerized; the closeness of the large bright Supermoon fills my eyes, as it descends into and illuminates the room in which I lie.

I will love you forever my divine Luna goddess, with your seductive powers and the magic in your eyes, until the hour cometh when I will kiss you as I die.
And you, my Supermoon will light a path for me as I cross the great divide.

A photograph by Giorgia Hofer Photography

A composite photo of the position and phases of the moon over 28 days by Giorgia-Hofer-Photography.
Giorgia Hofer Photography.

Above: A composite photo of the position and phases of the moon over 28 days, each photo taken at the same exact location each day.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card - Food poverty in 21st century Britain !

Here in the UK, food banks are becoming more common for unemployed people, and those on low income.

Believe it or not this is food poverty here in 21st century Britain !

The five of Pentacles Tarot Card.

The Five of Pentacles indicates when a person can be down on his/her luck, it speaks of a period of time when either finances, health or both may come to a point of crisis.

Food banks are launched in partnership with local churches and communities, sadly the above Tarot Card seems very appropriate.

My thoughts : Overseas aid spending should be reduced at a time when hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have to rely on food banks.

I am a great believer that charity begins at home.

Drew Barrymore

A picture list of the 2018 Full Moons.
Pisces ~ Drew Barrymore
“I’m a Yin-and-Yang Piscean, I’m an oxymoron of a dichotomy of a double-sided being.”


A picture of a Voodoo Doll.

Energy Vampire/Psychic Vampire.

A photo of an energy/psychic vampire.
An energy vampire, or psychic vampire, literally feeds off the energies of those around them; and if allowed, they will drain you dry.

Baba Vanga - The Nostradamus of the Balkans.

Baba Vanga, the blind Bulgarian clairvoyant.
Baba Vanga, 1911 – 1996.

Baba Vanga, the blind Bulgarian clairvoyant, who died in 1996, is believed to have predicted the rise of ISIS, the fall of the twin towers and much more ...

In her life time, Baba Vanga made many predictions which are too numerous to list, so here are some of her prophecies from 2016 onwards.

The terrifying prophecies warn of a 2016 invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists which would culminate in the establishment of a caliphate by 2043 with Rome at its epicentre.

She also claimed that “Muslims would use chemical warfare against Europeans”.

In the long term she predicted the Americans would use a new climate change weapon for the first time in a bid to retake Rome and bring back Christianity.

My thoughts : So many people, (mostly politicians) regarding the long term future, are short sighted and lack any vision.

It is crystal clear as to what lies ahead... and is on its way.

I feel if Turkey are not allowed to join the EU, they will retaliate by flooding the European union with millions upon millions of muslims.

In the meantime, I can see war breaking out in different regions, once again dispersing refugees and migrants.

War's often start just for the soul purpose of population displacement.

Perhaps the Pied Piper of Hamelin is returning home, dressed in muslim clothing.

A photo of London Mayor Sadiq Aman Khan.
The first Muslim Mayor of London - Sadiq Aman Khan.

In the UK, Sadiq Aman Khan became the first Muslim Mayor of London in the month of May 2016.

The capitol city is now called “Khan's Londonistan,” ...

“Londonistan” is a sobriquet (created in the mid-late 1990s) referring to the British capital of London and the growing Muslim population of late-20th- and early-21st-century London.

A beautiful picture for a Full Moon.

Picture of a  Moon Goddess.

A Board Known As The Ouija - A poem by Sheila Renee Parker

The night was calm, dark and still. To this day, I remember it extremely well. However, many a year ago, it was a Saturday, a horror story of bold. Two other girls and I, together we were three, collected around a board known as the Ouija. Slowly, we placed our fingertips upon a small piece of wood called the planchette, dreading impending moments of regret, with fears of memories we wouldn't forget.

With bated breath we deeply inhaled, then proceeded to ask things in great detail. For with the hereafter we wanted to converse, in a series of questions that were unrehearsed, like “is there anyone here?” and “how did you die?”. Then seconds later we got a reply. As scary as it was we were told “yes”. One simple word that made us become speechless. For we weren't the ones who had replied, it was quite obvious by the fear in our eyes.

Ouija Magic.

We continued with questions of more and we were answered with terror galore. With whom we had reached from the other side, was trying to come through with nothing to hide. Their answers were clear and their actions then too, for they were knocking over candles in the adjoining room. A room unoccupied with only a dim glow except for the entity's unwanted show. Their presence was felt with heavy intent and we three girls were starting to resent unleashing this darkness that wasn't fervent.

We stopped that night all due to fright and quickly put the board away locked up and tight. Our hearts raced without skipping a beat from what we had just witnessed that made the facts concrete. And even though it's been so many years since that night with the swelling of tears, never again in front of me has there ever been another board known as the Ouija.

The Mermaid Myth

A mermaid's bewitching voice is said to be able to lure ships onto rocks and men to their deaths.

A wonderful picture of a Mermaid.
This is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen.

Some Space Lyrics.


Timber I'm coming down got my feet back on the ground,
A funny thing happened on the way to Mars I fell in love with a super star.

Timber I don't need you around got my feet back on the ground,
Barbarella was a childhood dream we were making love in a space machine.

Timber people say that the world is round, its inside out and its upside down
Its such a funny feeling when your lost in space you can wave bye bye to the human race.

Timber I'm a love machine, making love like a laser beam
It's a tunnel of love that never ends a one way ticket with no return.

Timber It's a nightmare dream labelled with a number I'm in quarantine,
I'm upside down and I'm inside out It sometimes makes you wonder what its all about.

© Neil Ormsby

Photo of an Astronaut on a planet.

Rocket Dream

Fifteen fourteen thirteen hear the noise, evacuate evacuate the boy's,
peoples dashing, lights are flashing, knievel's laughing ha ha ha,
there's a ten man crew and they're on their way to mars.

In this world of space invasion, plastic planes and lego stations, I'm on my way,
eggshell cars and square shaped stars, I'm gonna take a trip to mars, it's another day.

They've been away so very long, Ive just heard the job is done, they're coming home,
touchdowns planned for saturday night, we'll see it all via satellite, what a scene.

Ive been to mars I've seen the stars, those plastic men with their guitars, I was up all night,
the sky was bright, the earth alight, I hope to god it'll be alright, what a dream.

© Neil Ormsby

I predict there will be a spacecraft transporting a ten man crew to Mars in the early 2030s.
It will be a one way ticket with no return...

I had this on my first ever website.

A beautiful Solarsys animated gif.

How many Moons old are you ?

Did you know : There are 12 . 368 lunar months in a year.

If you multiply this by your age in years, it will tell you how many moons old you are.

A 17 year old would therefore be 210 moons old.

I am 730 moons old Ha Ha Ha.

Tarot - The Four Seasons - and the Timing of Events by Neil Ormsby.

My favourite Tarot spread is the Celtic Cross.

As you all know the positions can represent the past present and future.

Positions of the celtic cross tarot spread.

Position :

1. Influences currently surrounding the person.

2. What are the obstacles (+ or -) if any currently blocking the person.

3. This is the basis of the situation.

4. This is behind you (past) or in the process of leaving.

5. What does the person wish to achieve (the possibility's)

6. This is what might lie ahead (direct link to card 10)

7. The persons apprehensions (negative)

8. The feelings of others around the person.

9. The persons hopes and desires (positive)

10. The outcome.

The four tarot aces.

The four Tarot Aces represent the four seasons :

Ace of Cups represents the Spring, March, April, May.

Ace of Wands represents the Summer, June, July, August.

Ace of Swords represents the Autumn, September, October, November.

Ace of Pentacles represents the Winter, December, January, February.

Here are two examples of a timing event using one of the four Aces.

If the Ace of Cups is in position 5 in the Celtic spread it is the 5th week in the spring season which is the 1st week in April when the event will happen.

If the Ace of Swords is in position 7 in the Celtic spread it is the 7th week in the autumn season which is the 3rd week in October when the event will happen.

I did a reading for a young lady many years ago at a psychic event, and as soon as I laid the ten Tarot cards on the table, the first thing I said was congratulations.

The lady in question smiled and was so happy, and when I told her the baby was due at the end of July (cannot remember the exact dates), she said how could I know that when she and her partner had only just found out and had not told anybody, and he was not there that day.

So if I did the reading in early November and the lady had only just found out she was pregnant the card in the spread would be the Ace of Wands and it would be in position 8 which is the 8th week in the summer season.

So from early November, the baby would be due 9 months later at the end of July, which is 8 weeks into the summer season and with the tarot card the Ace of Wands in position 8 it would indicate the birth in the last week of July.

I cannot remember the ten cards in the spread or the precise dates because it was many years ago, but on that occasion I saw the birth of a child coming from the Ace of Wands, and it was also a perfect timing card.

I normally used this form of timing of future events if the Ace fell in position 5 to 10 in the spread.

Please remember the Ace has its own interpretation at all times linked with the other cards in the spread, besides using it as a timing card.

Thank you.

Neil Ormsby.

A wonderful video by Chris Hadfield.

A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.

Picture of Cmdr Chris Hadfield.
You can find Chris Hadfield below at:

Follow Chris Hadfield on Twitter. Follow Chris Hadfield on Facebook.

My Belief on Crows and Ravens by Crow Goddess.

Picture of the crow goddess.

Crows and ravens are messengers from this life to the spiritual side. They are looked at the wrong way.

People see them as bad omens, but in fact they are just the opposite! Crows can symbolize death, yes this true, but not in the way that people think.

Crows will almost always be seen at a burial of a loved one and in cemeteries because they deliver messages from the living to the deceased.

They can also linger around a person who is greatly ill and is about to pass away. No they will not cause the death, but will instead assist the soul on to the other side.

Beautiful photograph of a Raven.
The Raven.

If you are constantly seeing crows and or hearing their caws, they are trying to tell you something. They are a symbol of out with the old in with the new.

The death of something old or bad in your life and the bringer of something new!

So the next time you see crows or ravens, send them off with a message and know that you will be heard. Take their visits as a good omen and be glad that they came to you!

John Lennon ~ Gimme Some Truth

A John Lennon B-side single from 1971.

The late great John Lennon at his brilliant best, and the superb George Harrison on electric slide guitar.

John Lennon and George Harrison during the Imagine recording sessions in 1971.
John Lennon and George Harrison during the Imagine recording sessions 1971.

"Did you know that George wanted to redo his guitar solos on Gimme Some Truth and How Do You Sleep ?
That's the best he's ever f***ing played in his life !
He'd never get that feeling again. He'd go on for ever if you let him."

China prepares to grow vegetables on Mars

Chinese Astronauts are preparing to Grow Fresh vegetables on Mars and the moon after researchers successfully completed a Preliminary test in Beijing, state media reported.

A picture of Mars with a Chinese flag on it.

Four kinds of vegetables were grown in an "ecological life support system", a 300 cubic metre cabin which will allow astronauts to develop their own stocks of air, water and food while on space missions, Xinhua news agency said Monday.

The system, which relies on plants and algae, is "expected to be used in extra-terrestrial bases on the moon or Mars", the report said...

Who came first the Chicken or the Egg ?

A picture of a chicken and an egg in bed together.

A famous face on a Banana ~ Artist Jason W. Herzog.

A sketching of a famous face on a Banana.

David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes, dust to Stardust - by Rose Marcus

A painting of David Bowie from the Ashes to Ashes period.
When asked once if he'd like to be a space tourist, David Bowie quipped
"I'd rather I'd chew pieces of cement rather than get on a space ship – those buggers are dangerous, they blow up you know; thank you, no, I can see the moon from my window, it's enough for me."

David Bowie: Stars of the Starman - by Sister Ray the Astrologer

A picture David Bowie playing a guitar.
David Bowie is gone. But he is soaring now.
He was an intellectual, an existentialist, a unique mind, one-of-a-kind.

The Mars Hotel - San Francisco CA.

The Mars Hotel at 192 - 4th Street, on the corner of 4th and Howard in San Francisco CA.
The Mars Hotel at 192 - 4th Street, on the corner of 4th and Howard in San Francisco CA.

David Bowie outside the Mars Hotel in 1972.

Picture of David Bowie in 1972 outside the Mars Hotel.

The Starman

David Bowie’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

David Robert Jones

A beautiful picture of David Bowie.

I'm closer to the Golden Dawn Immersed in Crowley's uniform Of imagery
I'm living in a silent film Portraying Himmler's sacred realm Of dream reality...


David Bowie Blackstar favicon.ico

I am proud to say I have a David Bowie Blackstar favicon.ico displayed in the address bar on each page of my website.


David Robert Jones - Black Star.

SpaceX - Animation - Is there life on Mars?

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